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BT Broadband

BT Broadband is now one of the most popular internet providers in the UK. To find out about availability and speeds in your area, you can use the online BT Broadband speed test.  Also on the website you will find details on the latest BT Broadband deals and packages to suit you and your family.


Existing customers can manage their accounts online and download apps such as the BT Sport app. BT Broadband customers gain free unlimited access to over 14 million BT Wifi hotspots worldwide.


Want the best connectivity for your company? BT Business Broadband packages offer a range of broadband, fibre optic and leased line solutions. Check the website for the best BT broadband package for your business.

BT Broadband is currently the largest internet service provider in the UK, with 4.6 millions users.

4 million UK homes are covered by the BT Infinity fibre-optic broadband service, launched in 2010.

BT Sport is free with BT Infinity and BT Broadband packages.

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