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Michael Kors

From New York to London, Paris and Milan, the brand has grown to be hugely popular worldwide. Michael Kors bags and Michael Kors watches are among their most popular lines, with Michael Kors sunglasses also joining the accessories line. 

The wide variety of high end accessories has made the brand as popular as it is today. Michael Kors purses are become just as iconic as the bags in leather goods, while Michael Kors bracelets are doing the same with watches. 

For those not wanting to wait for the Michael Kors sale, the Michael Kors outlets have some great year round discounts on popular product lines, including Michael Kors bags UK.

The Michael Kors brand was founded in 1981. 

There are over 500 stores and 1500 in-store boutiques worldwide. 

Lesser known, the accessories line also covers Michael Kors shoes

Michael Kors watches UK are some of the most coveted in the timepiece market. 

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