Tips to optimize space in a small bathroom

Albada Santamaria

Your knees wedged-in against the toilet, your face is still in the shower and you have barely enough room to fold and dry a clean towel while unintentionally throwing all your bottles of various types of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturizer backwards and awkwardly. 😑😑😑😑 

Do you feel a little stuck inside your tiny bathroom?

Stop juggling: here at Tiendeo, we bring you 5 tips to optimize the space in your bathroom in a practical and beautiful way.


Something so small yet so important! Take advantage of a corner of the toilet to strategically hang, and with a matching structure, two or three rolls of toilet paper. You will find it enormously useful in taking up minimal space without compromising the overall look.


This makes more sense than you first think. Why fill what little space you have with a big old cabinet? Better to build it right into a feature as indispensable as the toilet. It will be your own special leaning tower of Pisa:

Did it never occur to you to have a plant in your bathroom? This idea allows you to have at hand towels, toilet paper, boxes or candles. A small bathroom does not have to compromise good taste in its decoration!

Do you prefer not to have it so absolutely attached to the toilet? Give it a break. There goes the solution.

What? No budget for accessories? No matter, why not try reinventing the pipes themselves. Wait, reinvent what?


Hang your towels without overloading your walls: use the ceiling! With a system free from complications, you will achieve great results. You can choose how high you put it to avoid needing three triple jumps to get each towel. Make it easy.

And this is not even the best part: have you noticed the potential of your shower curtains? Add to your hooks an organizer for your usual products. If you place it on the inside of the shower, from the outside you will not see it and you will create a clean and tidy space.

Do you want to try something even more practical? Without organizers: directly clamp each of your usual products onto the hooks (a secret: it will help you to sort out everything you have, take inventory and, in addition, they will dry much faster). Check it out:

At the end of the day, there are thousands of options for hanging your products and tools in any corner of your bathroom. Tie four small decorative pots and distribute each one for a different category: straighteners or hair dryer, face and hair masks or shavers, makeup clips, brushes, etc. It will be irresistibly beautiful and you will replace any tired old furniture or that old messy shoe box.


Do people still have bathtubs?

In many modern apartments, the bathtub looks like an endangered species. We not only embrace, but we say if you do have one, its the best you can hope for in making the most of microscopic bathrooms. Attention: you can incorporate supports or side doors as product dispensers. We have no words!


The door is for more than just entering your bathroom. It incorporates a metal support just above for your towels or whatever else you use.

If your ceiling doesn’t allow for it, move the hangers onto the door/walls. At IKEA you will find more than one or two or three. We couldn’t be bigger fans!

You will stop envying the bathrooms of your neighbors and acquaintances because yours will be SPEC-TAC-U-LAR (cue harmless mwahaha).

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