The world’s strongest coffee will keep you up for 18 hours

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A new type of coffee has arrived on the market which keeps you awake 18 hours. It has been crowned the strongest coffee in the world, and it can even kill you. As CNN assures us.


It came about by accident when Viscous Coffee cafe owner, Steve Benington, left a dripping coffee machine on, and the coffee from the jar was concentrated to the point where water evaporated. After this he was made to think it might be a solution for a nurse that needed to survive extra night shifts. Benington sells this particular kind of coffee, named Ass Kicker, for it’s obvious effects, in his coffee shop in Australia, Viscous Coffee.

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This coffee is said to have 80x times more doses of caffeine than a normal coffee. That’s why it’s named the strongest coffee in the world.  They sell it with caution, at your own risk,  as consuming a cup of this coffee with about 5 grams of caffeine can produce other reactions, some of which are uncomfortable or even dangerous.

While a regular coffee has about 60 milligrams of caffeine, a cup of this murky, viscous coffee contains up to 5 grams, much more than the amount considered acceptable by the US Food and Drug Administration for human consumption (600 milligrams per day)

Consequently, one cup of this coffee is a real shot of caffeine that can alter our sleep, attention span and can cause heart palpitations…

That’s why they recommend that you drink it over the course of three or four hours. During the ingestion process, it is normal to notice a rapid heart beat, sweating and other annoyances that make it an uncomfortable experience.

Drinking one cup of it can cause intoxication and therefore, digestive problems, blood pressure and heart issues, etc.

Interested in the recipe?

It is prepared with 4 servings of espresso, four cubes of ice made with cold  infusion water with an extra 120 millimeters of stale coffee . Plus four additional ice cubes made with cold infusion water over 48 hours.

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