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How many times have you looked at your kitchen and thought it needed a makeover, only to be put off at the thought of undertaking a major renovation? However, there are plenty of  simple tricks that can cover up old-fashioned units, change the look of the furniture we no longer like or modernize the look of the entire kitchen.

Here,wee are going to let you in on those tricks, which you can do yourself or without spending much money.

  • If you’re sick of seeing the same kitchen tiles, paint them! You can paint them with enamel paint, thought matte or satin are better, and you’ll see the difference. You can also paint them with chalkboard paint, which stands humidity well and will give a very modern touch to your kitchen. It will give you different avenues for decoration, you can play with color contrasts and you can also write your shopping list on the board :)



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  • Another option to cover the tiles in wet or work areas is to install decorative glass, which is available in many colors. This is glued directly onto the tiles and since it is tinted,  the tiles will be covered. It is better that this is installed by a professional. It’s very easy to clean and the shine of the glass adds a lot of depth.




  • If you want to save space or light, you can cover the tiles with a mirror. It will expand the space in the kitchen and reflect light if you have a window in front of it.



  • Another option is cover the tiles with metal sheeting, which brings a whole new look to the kitchen. 



  • To give your kitchen a new look, put up a vinyl wallpaper. It is much easier to clean, but if you have tiles you will have to first cover the board with filler. Adding decorative glass and new wallpaper will make it seem like you have a completely new kitchen!



  • If you’re tired of the furniture, you can paint it, outside or inside. You choose!



  • If the furniture is not made from wood and you don’t want to go to the trouble of painting an undercoat, you can paste on a vinyl sticker or decorative paper. This is a quick and fun way to personalize your kitchen.



These tricks will help you transform your kitchen and give it a unique twist  :) Create, renew and enjoy the result!

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