How your pockets can survive the sales

Albada Santamaria

Hey, everyone feels like they’ve got holes in their pockets after Christmas, so today we’re giving you some tips to get in shape after all the feasting and find the best bargains in the holiday sales. ?

Wants vs needs: prepare your list with a maximum budget ✍️

Before buying new stuff, have a thorough check of what you already have to find out what you need or what you really, really want. Create, re-read, re-draft and cut down your list to fit a budget and avoid impulse buys you would regret later. Be good to yourself, but not too good.

It’s also best to get rid of the Christmas gifts you really didn’t like. Remember: less is more. ?

Hunting for the best discounts

Don’t wait until the last minute: a few days before the sale you should be hunting for discounts and offers. Compare and keep searching. That way you’ll find deals that really represent good value based on your budget (no last minute surprises).

Locate the stores that interest you and avoid peak hours

Either that or risk being part of one of those TV or newspaper reports about people fighting to the death in the Walmart sale. Going only to the shops that interest you and outwith peak shopping times will be good for your stress levels as well as your wallet. WORD.

Breakfast of champions + comfortable clothes

You can show-off your most show-stopping outfit another day. For shopping, it’s best to wear sports shoes and your most comfortable clothes (although pajamas might be step too far). You’d be surprised about the how far you can walk in just a few hours. And, to make sure your batteries are fully charged, have a good breakfast. Coffee/tea, juice, toast etc. ?☕️

Still not convinced? Shop online!

Here’s one place you can go in your pajamas. Find the best deals in total tranquility and comfort from home, or wherever you want. What more could you ask for? ?

Keep calm and happy bargain hunting!

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