How to pack a suitcase for a long weekend

Albada Santamaria

When you some home from vacations (at any time of the year), because you do not want them to end; when it’s Monday, because you want it to be Friday; when there are months and months left (and then some)… until summer, because you think it will never come; when it’s a trip for business and not for pleasure, because, of course, this is not traveling … 😳

It looks like someone has restless suitcase syndrome. There is always a reason to complain and a want to travel!

From Tiendeo we bring good news. This is what the weekend is for: to disconnect from the routine, to get away from it all, to fall off the map … say it however you want, you want to escape!

And, so, it is here where another adventure begins, one that sometimes makes our hair stand on end: how to ,em, errr, 😱 how to neatly pack everything you need in a small suitcase (SMALL) or carry-on luggage.

The most important thing is to keep calm.

Relax. Take your time and try to enjoy yourself, to make sure the rushing and nerves are left out of the suitcase. It’s kinda like playing Tetris! Let’s play!

1. Prepare everything you want to take

Clothes, accessories, documents, phone charger… Even make a list a few days before! Review cupboards and drawers and go around gathering, as widely as possible, everything that seems necessary and lay it out on the bed or sofa. It will help you to choose clothes, and see possible combinations between them. In short: you can choose exactly what you want and need (nothing “just in case”) without forgetting anything essential.

You will thank us.

2. Start with clothing: rolling

As if they were little yule logs, carefully roll-up shirts, sweaters and pants.

This is a method that results in minimum creasing. You’ll realise that it frees-up space and that each garment will be in perfect condition and without creases when you land at your destination.

3. Pack delicate items with tissue paper

For that special dress. Wrap it up like a delicate gift using tissue paper. You read that right.

It will arrive intact.

4. Take advantage of EVERY corner

Each little space, however small it may seem, is an opportunity to distribute more and make the most of your luggage. Take advantage of the corners that are empty in your suitcase to strategically place your favorite accessories: scarves, hats… even underwear.

 5. The biggest items… vacuum pack! 

We’re not talking about food.

Let’s get back to the clothes. It’s winter and you need your two favorite triple fleece jumpers, or summer and you can not imagine a day on the beach without your huge beach towels. We have the solution: the items of your luggage that occupy the most space can be packed inside a plastic bag with the air sucked out, like a vacuum. Less air will provide more space in the suitcase. Try it out!

6. And what about my slippers? 

You can’t spend a night away without a little bit of home comfort. Accept it. This is the first step. We recommend two options:

a) Yes, it is possible to take your slippers. Tip: avoid big novelty slippers, the idea is to fully utilize the space in your suitcase.

Pack some clothes that are more delicate, and roll them up like clothes.

b) Easier: take your fluffy house socks instead. They are soft, small and comfortable, perfect for any type of trip.

7. Limit your shoes to 2 pairs
If it’s summer, we also accept flip-flops.

But, but.. only 2 pairs!? We’re talking about one or two nights away! A comfortable pair of sneakers to walk and walk and, depending on the plan, elegant shoes that combine easily with everything in case of a social event where sneakers won’t cut it. Another tip: avoid taking (even if they’re your favourites) new shoes. Away from home and walking all day is not the best time to debut them. Choose something more comfortable and practical! And, our trick: pack socks inside shoes, we’re not wasting ANY space!

8. The mystery of the belt

Someone has to tell it like it is: DO NOT roll up your belt, because it takes up much more space. Stretched and folded as little as possible, place it down the sides of the suitcase. You’ll probably forget it’s there.

9. With toiletries, less is more

Take advantage of the getaway to use those samples or small bottles that you have, both makeup and shampoo and shower gel, your time has come! You will save a lot of space: maybe some of them will run out and after pretty much one use and you’ll throw them away (more space in the suitcase when you return😯). Oh, and be sensible and cover those containers that are already open (toothpaste, make-up base, etc.) with a plastic bag, in case they do come undone and their contents spill everywhere.

10. Jewellery, in small bags and boxes

Pack your jewelry in boxes and small bags, then put everything together in a second mini bag. This is where creativity will save you a bunch of stress trying to rescue lost earrings or bracelets and bent necklaces. We have seen some tricks on the internet that have left us amazed.

Look ❤: keep your earrings in buttons.


Look ❤: use a straw for your necklaces (they will keep their shape without unpleasant surprises).

And look ❤: The best way to store bobbles or hair bands is …


Ready now? Let’s do this!

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