Paradise wouldn’t be paradise without a hammock

Dear hammock: Why didn’t we think of you before? We finally realised that there’s no need to travel to some far-flung tropical island. Now you can build your own paradise without leaving the house. Here are 7 reasons to drop what you’re doing and get yourself into chill-out mode. Ready?

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1. You’re going to sleep more and for longer

According to some studies, the gentle rocking of the hammock synchronizes the activity of the brain. In other words, it stimulates sleep by helping you to fall asleep more quickly and more deeply. Also, you can forget about making the bed every morning! You just jump up.

2. Suitable for even the most awkward

It allows an almost instant placement. Even the most anxious and/or inflexible will end up finding their ideal position.

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3. Also, they are healthy.

Comfortable, fun and good for your health. Lying in a hammock you maintain an elevated position with your eyes to the sky and this helps the circulation of blood. What more could you ask for?

4. They come from afar: their origins, the Mayan Indians.

And we read that it was Columbus who introduced the hammock to Europe. As they say, in fashion everything comes back around.

5. 60 meters long by 7 meters wide.

These are the measures of what was, until 2012, the largest hammock in the world. Where? In Concepción Quezaltepeque, Chalatenango (El Salvador). We wonder what kind of monstrous beast this was built for.

6. You will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

You probably figured that out, but it’s always good to be reminded. Look at the faces of your family and friends. Your neighbours will come over to ask you for sugar, water, or whatever excuse they can think of

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7. Imagination is key

You can find all sorts of types and colours (and for every budget!). And, to make matters worse, if you get really creative you can also make your own design by recycling fabrics and other materials.

Hammock: 1 – Bed: 0. Have you tried it?

For now, we leave you with a virtual swing at the click of a mouse… ? ?

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