Tell me about your cactus and I’ll tell you who you are

The cactus. The small, boring plant that everyone is afraid to touch. The same plant that everyone has on their desk next to the computer for its theoretical ability to purify the air. Right now it’s in fashion, to the point that you just can’t avoid it, even in your soup.

Let’s face it, the cactus is here to stay. But do you know what your choice of cactus says about you? Don’t miss our special guide.

The enthusiasts

Those who’d give their all for cacti. All or nothing. Uncompromising. Those people who go so far as to have a cactus tattoo done. Or decorate their room to resemble the desert. One or two cacti? They prefer to have everything cactus themed: sheets, pillows, coat rack, lamps, bedside tables… or to store rings in a weird way. And on and on it goes.

Diferentes imágenes de cactus: un tatuaje, una habitación, complemento para joyas.

The foodies

See the cookie cutters, oven gloves or other cactus-shaped kitchen items. The perfect recipe: sweet on the inside and on the outside, the most harmless cactus ever. If anything, they’re adorable!

Imágenes de cactus en relación con la cocina: manopla y galletas.

The minimalists

The famous “less is more” ethos. They are simplicity personified. The go almost unnoticed yet remain classy and tasteful. A small detail, a glimmer of light. Only a small nod to not being outside.

Diferentes imágenes de cactus: decoración, joyas, lámpara.

The fashionistas

The cactus freaks. Trainers, jackets, dresses and endless accessories. Even cacti literally sewn into pyjamas or a bikini. This takes cactus love to a whole other level!

Diferentes imágenes de cactus en relación con la moda: sudadera deportiva, pijama, zapatillas, traje de baño.

Stressed? Get a cactus.

Stress? Who said stress? Good anti-stress therapies include a collection of fluffy pillows to cuddle into and forget about the day’s worst woes. The effect, placebo or not, is usually immediate. How to use: go with a mild or strong “hug” (according to personal taste). Other methods: a candle to calm more spiritual minds.

Welcome to the best garden ever!

Imágenes de cactus: decoración, velas.

The creative people, DIY

Everyone knows creative people have the most amazing minds. Jump into the world of cactus DIY, but be prepared for the high level of imagination needed and the limited resources used to create the unthinkable.

Imagen cactus decoración

The cactus, connecting people

“Not without my phone”. Those addicted to technology and gadgets think of their smartphone as a part of them, making it almost impossible to break the attachment for even a minute. Fear not, we’ve found the answer.

Imagen cactus funda smartphone

And the… ahem… brave?

Here is a new home décor item, and let’s just say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Imagen cactus cepillo

And we’ve reached the end, though it never really ends.

The Fashion vs Cactus war has only just begun. Hold on tight. ?

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