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As soon as the streets are lit up and the shop windows are full of sparkle, the countdown to Christmas begins. But when to start getting the Christmas tree ready?

Stop looking for inspiration because today we review the most original tree ideas (nothing too traditional here, thank you). They are homemade and personalized ideas that adapt to any space, color scheme and family. Dried branches, books, photographs, lights, a ladder … just some of the objects you’ll need to make your tree shine. Get creative!

Up the wall 

We know that smaller houses can be a challenge to decorate. A good idea is to use the wall to design your own tree. Something like this:

Special moments

This one with photographs is without doubt our favorite, since it sums up the best moments of the year and involves a little bit of the whole family, all looking their best. To make yours more “chic”, install lights stuck on the wall.

With paper

If you are one of those people who likes vintage or rustic style, there’s nothing better than to make a tree with pages from old books. Easy and beautiful… impossible! PS: It’s essential that the pages are yellow or worn.


More rustic still: a somewhat worn wooden ladder. With garlands of lights, some pots and decorative plants, silver and gold holiday baubles … it’ll look like new! Don’t forget to place a bright star on top.

More lights

“Only lights and some white chalk”. What’s not to love about this one?

Floating tree

This one has us totally in love! It’s really original and, with a little skill, very easy to make. Create a unique optical illusion that will leave your guests speechless.

Easy to remove

Option A: with wood / branches. Option B: with lots of patience and nerve, and books you don’t mind using (if you have any).

Which one will you choose? ?

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