20 pics of cats who couldn’t care less about Halloween

Frida Sol
Written by Frida Sol

Say hi to my 3 cats.  They’re extremely cute, but to be honest they don’t really care less about Halloween.

However, since they love cuddles and put up with all my craziness, they have allowed me to take photos of them wearing Halloween costumes (not for free, obviously, but in exchange for an extra helping of canned food). They’ve no idea that they are about to be famous as they take their places as stars of the Tiendeo blog, but trust me, they don’t need the encouragement: they already think they are the world’s most beautiful cats :)


That’s my little one trying to look like a bat. I put the wings on carefully so as not to stress her out, but luckily the small pumpkin hypnotized her so much I didn’t need anything else.


Usually, with “Nit”, the black one, it’s impossible to make her wear a costume, unless she is in bed and purring. In bed nothing fazes her. I actually think she didn’t even notice that I put on the pumpkin antennas and took some pictures.  Those half closed eyes and the arrogant look come naturally to her, she’s not even posing.


This time it’s “Llum” with a spider on his head. The truth is that he dropped the spider just 1 minute after I put it, and was biting it as if it was a mouse or a rat. Everything is fine as long as she doesn’t bring me a real one of those home, whether it’s alive or dead…5CAT WEB

“Nit” again in “Lazy Sunday” mode. I think this cotton wadding didn’t annoy her too much: just look at the joy on her face in the last pic.



This is a photo shoot that I tried after the “Bat Cat” one. My little one’s mindset seemed to be:”I’ll eat everything you put in front of me.” And indeed, that’s what she did. Actually, the look on her face while trying to destroy the pumpkin is the scariest of all the pictures, isn’t it?4THE “EASY” CHOICE

If your cats aren’t so patient or cuddly or you’re just not willing to bother them with silly human things like this, the best choice for you in this case is to decorate your home for Halloween. There’s no doubt that sooner or later they will come sniffing around the new objects that have arrived in their territory without approval or permission. No worries, because if they don’t like something they will let you know one way or another, that you can be sure of 😉



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